Cloud Services

Navigating the journey to the cloud

Ensuring your business is a successful digital enterprise depends on talent that has a magnitude of expertise to guide you from the planning of your strategy to a successful implementation.

Lincom can ensure you to have your back from planning to execution. We also take into account the business expectations in terms of finance, security and strategy, by increasing your capabilities as you need them. Our cloud consultancy services will ensure that your business is operating in the Cloud the way it’s meant to be.

Why consider operating in the Cloud?

There are plenty of benefits that the Cloud can provide, including:

  • Unlimited storage, backup, DR & HA integrated.
  • Increased reliability & enterprise-grade security
  • A horizontally scalable platform in real-time
  • PAYG economic benefits (Fast time-to-market, low-cost entry, and metered services, reduced capital expenses)
  • Staffing benefits (reduced administration, training)
  • And more…

Cloud adoption can also save you significant outlay on IT equipment, disaster recovery, avoidance of a server failure which can be caused due to hardware or software issues, integrated high availability, and load balancing for optimised and reliable infrastructure.

The benefits of Cloud Consulting services from Lincom

Adopting the Cloud as either a full or hybrid model is a big decision for your business, and to understand the effectiveness of operating in the Cloud, you need a guide who is well-versed in its capabilities.

Your Cloud strategy can have a significant impact on your operations from a financial standpoint. Our experienced consultants will help you to build a Proof of Concept (POC) in the Cloud and smoothly migrate from strategy to implementation.

Our consultants will architect and build you a reliable, secure and performance optimised Cloud Foundation from a range of migration plans available. Our consultants will also engineer a smooth transition from your existing IT into the cloud, inclusive of all business applications and databases based on priority of your business requirements.

Navigating the journey to the cloud