Excellence, empathy, and respect for all customers

Lincom is an Australian technology company that began Back in 2016, we started out with the idea of simplicity, empathy, clarity and respect for all customers. We are a highly skilled IT team aimed to serve top-value, modern-solutions to organisations in Australia.

Our focus is on being a specialised team that uses developed frameworks to modernise our client’s technology infrastructure, help them gain insights from their data and create new services that will shape a better future for their business. Alternative to traditional helpdesk models, our managed IT-Support and end-user services will help you to improve your organisation and keep your core operations running smoothly

Every layer of experience that our team have accumulated in the last decade and a half helps us to get through some of the extreme challenges both in technology and business. Our positive emotional sense of exceeding the expectations reinforces confidence in our ability to serve our clients the best.
The beauty of our IT service has always been in both our ability and agility to deliver quality tech solutions tailored to our client’s goals.

Our mantra is to not run behind success rather strive for excellence and service because we know success come as a consequence.

The courage to take responsibility, think different and the will to walk a long distance for VICTORY - defines LINCOM.